Jorge Lopez



I am a computer engineer specialised in cybersecurity and cyber defence. I combine an ample experience in the industry, facing real problems and customer needs, with a strong academic background and passion for research to solve future challenges. I hold a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from the University Autonoma of Madrid, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University Carlos III of Madrid, where I work as a Part Time Professor and affiliated researcher collaborating with the Computer Security Lab (COSEC) since 2010. I have developed my whole professional career in the private sector in cybersecurity, taking on different positions in management, research, software and systems engineering, and consultancy (visit my professional Web page at LinkedIn for further details). Since 2009 I am with Indra (Spain), the largest technology company in Spain. During the past years I have led the research and innovation efforts in cybersecurity. In my team we conceptualise new cybersecurity technology and products, ensuring their novelty and suitability from a scientific, technological and business perspectives. To this end I coordinate prototyping efforts as well as define cooperation strategies with the academia and other partners. I am proud of many fruitful collaborations with the academia, as a result of which we in Indra have successfully transferred several scientific and technology results into our products. COSEC is, by far, the most prolific academic partner we have. I regularly participate in standardisation efforts and high-level consultancy at international level. I am also involved in not-for-profit activities in the international scientific community, being reviewer for a number of conferences and top journals in the field.


During my career, I have worked on multitude of domains, including PKI, Non-repudiation, Attack modelling and categorisation, Security evaluation methodologies (Common Criteria, FIPS 140), Cybersecurity information sharing, Simulation, training and experimentation in cybersecurity, Critical information infrastructure protection, Risk management, Provable security and Software security assurance. I currently dedicate my efforts to cyber range technology, cyber situational awareness (dynamic risk management, decision support and mission impact assessment), predictive intelligence using machine learning techniques, and applied cryptography, mainly. Notwithstanding, I am always eager to explore new research trends and challenges. I am particularly interested in defining new models that contribute towards the full automation of the cybersecurity lifecycle, from threat prediction and prevention to attack detection and response, including deployment of active defence strategies.