About me

Allow me to introduce myself...

I am a PhD candidate in Computer Security (COSEC) Lab at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My main research topic is automatic malware classification and analysis by means of machine learning techniques. I hold a B.Sc and a M.Sc in computer science from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. Apart from my main research line, i'm also interested in several topics related with information security and applied cryptography, such as:

  • Security in smartphone and mobile devices
  • Security in Wireless Body Area Network (WBANs) and implantable medical devices (IMDs)
  • Computer forensic and reverse engineering
  • Automatic development of cryptographic algorithms by means of evolutive techniques

I also enjoy reading and discussing about maths, physics and other computing related areas. Don't hesitate to contact me if we have common interests, maybe we could work together or have a beer :).

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Conference papers:


  • "A Look into 30 Years of Malware Development from a Software Metrics Perspective", Alejandro Calleja, Juan E. Tapiador and Juan Caballero"Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses (RAID 2016) ",pp 325-345, Paris, France, September 2016 [Full text]
  • "ArduWorm: A Functional Malware Targeting Arduino Devices", Sergio Pastrana, Jorge Rodriguez and Alejandro Calleja"Actas de II Jornadas Nacionales de Investigación en Ciberseguridad (JNIC 2016)", Granada, Spain, June 2016 [Full Text]


  • "Electrical Heart Signals can be Monitored from the Moon: Security Implications for IPI-based Protocols", Alejandro Calleja, Pedro Peris-López, Juan E. Tapiador,"Proceedings of the IX Information Security Theory and Practice (WISTP) ",pp 36-51, Crete, Greece, August 2015 [Full Text]

Journal papers:

  • Comming soon!


  • Title: Automated Malware Analysis Techniques. Presented at Jornadas Doctorales 2016. Computer Science department, University Carlos III of Madrid. [Full Slides]


So far, i've been involved in the following Projects:

Indra's Cybersecurity chair

SPINNY: Security and Privacy in the Internet-of-You


I have participated as a teacher in the following courses:

  • Campus cientifico de verano: "Introduccion a la Ciberseguridad"

  • Cusos Complemento de formacion: "Seguridad de la Información"

Contact Me

You can reach me by:

  • Email: accortin@inf.uc3m.es
  • ResearchGate Profile: Link
  • GitHub Profile: Link
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