José María de Fuentes

Visiting lecturer at UC3M Computer Security Lab

Research projects

Project Funding Dates
CIBERDINE: Cybersecurity, Big Data, and Risks Government of Madrid (Spain)
Ref. S2013/ICE-3095
SPINY: Security and Privacy in the Internet of You. Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness
Ref. TIN2013-46469-R
ASCET: Advanced Simulator for Cyberdefense Experimentation and Training MICINN / INNPACTO 2011
Ref. IPT-2011-1593-390000
E-SAVE: Evidence-based security architecture for vehicular environments Spanish National Research and Development Plan 2008-2011
Ref. TIN-13461
[SEGUR@ logo] SEGUR@ - Security and Trust in the Information Society Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, INGENIO 2010 programme.
CENIT National Project
PRECIOUS: Privacy-respectful techniques in vehicular environments Regional project of the Government of Madrid (Spain) 2011
[MITC logo] Auditoría de Calidad de Componentes Software y Servicios de Firma Electrónica basados en el DNI-e Spanish Ministry of Industry 2007

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