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Visiting lecturer at UC3M Computer Security Lab

For/About students

Note for future students: It will be a pleasure for me to supervise highly motivated PhD students that want to work in my research areas. In case that you are interested, or if you are looking for an international experience for your MSc/PhD, do not hesitate to drop me an email. Please attach your CV. Include the word ENIGMArt to make sure that you've read this page.


Ph. D. students

- Omid Mirzaei (expected 2016)

Bachelor and Ms.C. students

The list of graduated students that have suffered the pain ( ;-) ) of having me as their supervisor for final degree project is really big (+30 human beings!). Let this shortened version serve as the Hall of Fame! You can find most of their works in our Institutional open access repository
- Isaac Berdugo
- Isaac Casanova
- Miguel A. Zurdo
- Jose Munera
- Luis Recuenco
- Pablo Picazo
- Lara Ortiz
- Alberto Bustamante
- Elena Frau
- Antonio Castells
- Rebeca Garcia Cabrero

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