Juan Tapiador

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


My students

Current PhD students:

  1. Mohammed Rashed
  2. Carmen Camara
  3. Alejandro Calleja
  4. Omid Mirzaei
  5. Roberto Garrido
  6. Lara Ortiz

Graduated PhD students:

  1. Pablo Picazo (2016). "Security Protocols for Mobile Ubiquitous E-Health Systems".
  2. Guillermo Suarez-Tangil (2014). "Mining Structural and Behavioral Patterns in Smart Malware".
  3. Sergio Pastrana (2014). "Attacks against Network Intrusion Detection Networks: Evasion, Reverse Engineering, and Optimal Countermeasures".
  4. Almudena Alcaide (2009). "Rational Exchange Protocols".
  5. Esther Palomar (2008). "Content Authentication and Access Control in Pure P2P Networks".

Graduated MSc students:

  1. Marcos Sebastián (2017). "Trick or Threat: Searching for Patterns in APT Operations".
  2. Íñigo Serrano (2017). "OpenRansim: An Open Source Ransomware Simulator".
  3. David Catalán (2017). "A Technical Analysis of Cerber 6".
  4. Enrique Castañeda (2017). "Advanced Persistent Threats: Organization and Behavioral Pattern Analysis".
  5. Lucía de la Fuente (2017). "The Dark Side of Wearables".
  6. Diego Gómez (2017). "Analysis of the Mirai Botnet".
  7. Gregorio Pulido (2017). "Cyberintelligence".
  8. Mario Herreros (2016). "Targeted Exerciser for Android Malware and Goodware".
  9. María Rojo (2016). "Automated Pentesting of Android Applications".
  10. Jonathan Spokes (2016). "The Efficacy of PDF Malware Genetic Mutation Attacks Against a Retrained Classifier".
  11. Diego Díaz (2016). "Generating Optimal Metamorphic Engines using Genetic Algorithms".
  12. Bruno López (2016). "Mining Malware Behavioral Traces: A Sequential Pattern Mining Approach".
  13. Jaime Garvia (2015). "Malware Engineering Analytics: A Software Metrics Perspective".
  14. Silvia Batista (2014). "Analysis of Critical Cyberattacks Suffered by a Panama Government Network and the Future Cyberdefence Strategy".
  15. Yuzmarie Wason (2014). "A Security Plan for the Deployment of Wireless Networks".
  16. Zulma Moreno (2014). "Strategic Cybersecurity Plans for the Panama Government Network".
  17. Mohammed Rashed (2014). "Random Number Generation Using Galvanic Skin Response".
  18. Alejandro Calleja (2014). "Revisiting the Use of ECG signals as Source of Entropy in Implantable Medical Devices".