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Omid Mirzaei

Email: omid\.mirzaei\@uc3m\.es

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Security Lab (COSEC) at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My PhD is funded by the Community of Madrid and European Union for the research project CIBERDINE. My main area of research is computer security. However, I am particularly interested in mobile security, system security, malware analysis, reverse engineering and the study of protocols for secure communication using artificial intelligence tools and techniques. In addition, I am eager to tackle security issues from a multi-objective perspective, i.e. trying to deal with such problems by consuming the least possible amount of in hand resources. Currently, I am working on security analysis, malware analysis and risk management with a special focus on smartphone devices having the honor to be supervised by Dr. Juan Tapiador and Dr. Jose M. de Fuentes.

I obtained a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering-Software in 2008 from Azad University, Mashhad Branch, Iran, and, subsequently, a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering-Artificial Intelligence in 2012 from the same university where I was supervised by Prof. Mohammad-R. Akbarzadeh-T. Additionally, I worked here for three years as a lecturer before joining my present research group at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

You can download my full CV from here.

June. 15, 2018: TriFlow has been selected as the best previously published paper by the 4th Spanish National Cybersecurity Research Conference (JNIC'18).

Dec. 2, 2017: Our chapter, "Dynamic Risk Assessment in IT Environments: A Decision Guide", has been accepted for publication in "Preserving Information and Cyber Security in the Fourth Industrial Revolution".

Nov. 11, 2017: TriFlow has been awarded the 3rd place by CSAW as the third top applied security research work in Europe.

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Selected Publications:

TriFlow: Triaging Android Applications using Speculative Information Flows
O. Mirzaei, G. Suarez-Tangil, J. E. Tapiador, J. M. de Fuentes
ASIACCS, Abu Dhabi, UAE (April 2017) [PDF | BibTex]

Privacy Models in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
J. M. de Fuentes, L. Gonzáles-Manzano, O. Mirzaei
Journal of Sensors (2016) [PDF | BibTex]

A New Image Encryption Method: Parallel Sub-Image Encryption with Hyper Chaos
O. Mirzaei, M. Yaghoobi, H. Irani
Nonlinear Dynamics, 67(1), pp. 557-566 (2012) [PDF | BibTex]

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