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Omid Mirzaei

Assistant Professor,

Email: omid\.mirzaei\@uc3m\.es


Apr. 10, 2019: Our paper, "AndrEnsemble: Leveraging API Ensembles to Characterize Android Malware Families", has been accepted in ASIACCS'19.

Feb. 6, 2019: I have passed my PhD viva with an "Excellent" qualification score.

Nov. 21, 2018: A new version of TriFlow is available with great performance improvements.

Sep. 7, 2018: The first version of AndrODet has been released in this repository.

Aug. 13, 2018: I have been awarded a travel grant to attend the 21st International Symposium on Research in Attacks, Intrusions and Defenses (RAID 2018).

July. 28, 2018: Our paper, "AndrODet: An Adaptive Android Obfuscation Detector", has been accepted for publication in Future Generation Computer Systems.

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Selected Publications:

AndrEnsemble: Leveraging API Ensembles to Characterize Android Malware Families
O. Mirzaei, G. Suarez-Tangil, J. M. de Fuentes, J. E. Tapiador, G. Stringhini
ASIACCS, Auckland, New Zealand (July 2019) [PDF | BibTex]

TriFlow: Triaging Android Applications using Speculative Information Flows
O. Mirzaei, G. Suarez-Tangil, J. E. Tapiador, J. M. de Fuentes
ASIACCS, Abu Dhabi, UAE (April 2017) [PDF | BibTex]

AndrODet: An Adaptive Android Obfuscation Detector
O.Mirzaei, J. M. de Fuentes, J. E. Tapiador, L. Gonzáles-Manzano
Journal of Future Generation Computer Systems, 90, pp. 240-261 (2019) [PDF | BibTex]

A New Image Encryption Method: Parallel Sub-Image Encryption with Hyper Chaos
O. Mirzaei, M. Yaghoobi, H. Irani
Nonlinear Dynamics, 67(1), pp. 557-566 (2012) [PDF | BibTex]

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